January 9, 2017

Sometimes, the timing has to be just right.  But, mostly, you just have to DECIDE that you WANT it bad enough.  Teresa made the decision to make her health a priority. And, she made huge strides.  She’s not done yet, but celebrating how far she has come is the right thing to do!


Third times a charm?

I hope so…. My weight loss journey began in 2006. Through a combination of coaching, both in person and online, I lost about 46 pounds. Then, I stopped. And, I gained it all back plus about 10 pounds. Then again, in 2010, I tried get it under control and failed.  So here we are – 3rd times a charm!

This time it was for me and my health. I wanted to feel good everyday and be off medication.  So, January 2016 I started by taking control of my nutrition.  By May, I had lost 25 pounds just doing with nutrition alone.  Then, one day while I was on vacation, I got an email asking if I was interested in doing online training again.  The irony is; I had just told my family I needed to start exercising again.  Meant to be… the timing was perfect.
I started, again, with Adam, at Copper State FIT, in June 2016 and have since lost 25 more pounds.  I am off Diabetes medication and this month will also be taken off blood pressure medication. I am half way to my goal of 100 lbs.  With 50 pounds down, I have 50 more to go and wouldn’t want anyone else there pushing me.
I have proven I could lose weight without exercise/training but the benefits of working the body is incredible.  The support and guidance provided makes you want to get it done for yourself. I’m grateful to have the online home training again, especially since I’m not a gym person, I get to exercise in my own home but with the online guidance and support of a great coach!
Here’s to the next – 50 pounds!

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