December 7, 2017

When Dawn reached out to us and I read through her consultation questionnaire, I was impressed to see her background. She was a Yoga instructor with a minor in nutrition. She was looking for some help after recovering from back surgery and in her own words, she wanted to “…look like a fitness instructor again, strong and lean.” 

I admire when someone has the courage to ask for help, regardless of their experience, knowledge and/or education. Humility is an admirable trait. And, just shows… sometimes even coaches need coaches. The result of Dawn’s hard work, dedication and trusting in the process (and coach) was -22 lbs, -8% body-fat and over -9 inches off her waist and hips.


Here’s what Dawn had to say about her experience with Copper State FIT:



When I first came to Copper State FIT, I was just coming off rehabbing from my second back surgery (I had the first one 9 months before that) and I was carrying around an extra 15-20 pounds, and just starting off as a yoga teacher. Nutrition – specifically macros – intrigued me, but I really thought it was more for those body builder, professional fitness competitor types. I like food. I like a lot of foods. I’m not about to sit and eat boiled chicken, steamed broccoli and rice every meal just to hit some goal weight. That’s just not going to happen. And I’m not about to give up carbs. Ever. But I was struggling to lose this extra weight. Someone I know suggested I talk to Adam and maybe try the health coaching thing, just see what it’s all about, so I did.

I was not an easy client at first, I am sure. I have a minor in nutrition, I was a half marathon runner, and I know stuff. And I wasn’t totally sold on the whole macro thing. Yet. I also hated strength training, it always left me sore for days after, which cut into my running, so…. and that is why I had 2 back surgeries in one year. I tried to maintain a vegetarian diet, so I thought I was good hitting half my daily protein needs, not even kidding. In comes Coach Sabrina. I put my trust in her.

Because of my background, I am an avid food tracker, so we could skip that pillar. I wasn’t eating enough calories, and I needed to seriously increase my protein. It took me a month to figure out how to reach the macro numbers consistent (hint: meal planning – like every meal, not just dinner, and planning out where your macros are coming from BEFORE you eat – WHA?!? ). And once I managed to figure that out, we made some adjustments. She gave me some great hacks to sneak protein in so many little ways (when your counting macros, everything counts) Pretty soon I was strength training with hardly any post workout soreness (proteins helps repair muscle, so the more protein I ate, the better my body was able to recover! CRAZY?!?) And I found these things, (I think the professionals call them abs?) starting to be defined, and my shoulders, and then pants I haven’t worn in YEARS fit again.

At about 2 months, I weighed 5 pounds more than I did when I was in my prime running conditioning (but pounds lighter than when I started with CSF) and had more muscle definition and less inches. And I can do burpees. And full, no knees, push ups. At 3 months, I weigh even less, and I am not quite done yet. Most importantly I am macro believer. I eat carbs (even bagels) and fats and proteins (plant and animal based), I still eat real Whole Foods, I feel better, I perform better and I look better.

Here’s the bottom line: coaching works, CSF coaches are amazing! Listen to them, do what they say, stay consistent – for real, consistency is the key to it all –  and you will see results.


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