March 19, 2018

When Maggie initially reached out to us, she was beyond frustrated. As she desperately described in her questionnaire… “I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS and no matter how much I exercise or how well I eat, NOTHING seems to happen. I think that I would feel more secure and comfortable in my own body if I lost the weight. It gets very discouraging to keep trying and never getting results.”

On top of that, Maggie was battling 3 autoimmune diseases which limited her food choices and left her feeling run down and defeated. After working with a dietitian, having metabolic testing done and still seeing very little change, she turned to us as her last resort.

I am really glad Maggie gave us the opportunity to work with her. And, I am glad she gave us 100 percent effort, even after all the previous programs didn’t pan out.  With her dedication and persistence, Maggie was able to lose over 30 lbs, drop 14.3% body fat and over 12″ from her waist and hips.

Here’s what Maggie had to say:


I have struggled with my weight and how to get a handle on it, for most of my life. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight when I was eating what I thought were healthy choices and I was especially confused when I began to consistently exercise/run around the age of 30. How was I not smaller?! Turns out I wasn’t eating enough, especially with regard to protein and the “dreaded” fats.

I worked with a nutritionist for a few months with no results or help whatsoever. I was at my wits end and figured I just had a body that couldn’t lose weight. I ended up finding Copper State FIT through Kacey Luvi Pearson on Instagram. I decided this was the last thing I was going to try to help with weight loss.

When I spoke with Adam during our free consult, I explained that I was working with someone else and he was very non-pressure. He explained all that was involved with the CSF program, including the multiple coaches, the group chat with the other members, the app with weekly workouts and the realistic attitude of all the coaches. I was sold! Adam and the other coaches are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable and having them at your fingertips is a great support! CSF has helped me in ways no one else was ever able to. I have not only lost weight, but I have gained muscle and feel STRONG!

Everyone in the group is very encouraging and helpful, and will walk with you through your struggles. Each person has struggled at more than one point during their journey and it’s nice to have others in the same boat as you. I have 3 autoimmune diseases so I struggle with chronic pain and exhaustion on a daily basis, but seeing other people overcome their own obstacles, always gives me the strength to keep going. My journey is not over, but I know Copper State FIT and the members will be there to cheer me on all the way. A victory for one is a victory for all!


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