October 29, 2020

I was born and raised in Iowa. I have an 11 year old son, who keeps my busy. I manage a big bar and grill. I enjoy being outside, traveling, working out, and spending lots of time with family.

Growing up I was always overweight and in high school I hit 240 lbs. I started weight watchers and lost about 30 lbs. And, for the next 10 years I would lose more weight, gain some back, lose some, gain some… it was just a roller coaster before Copper State FIT.

In addition to weight watchers, I tried ideal protein, keto, and even starving myself. But, something would happen in life that stressed me out and it would be over. I would eat anything in sight and drink more than needed. I would always gain it all back. I wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt. I was frustrated and had all but given up.

The difference with Copper State FIT was that I could still eat the things I enjoy, as long as they fit into my macros. I also learned portion control, weighing things out, and being honest with tracking everything I put in my mouth.

It didn’t take me long to realize this was different; when I stopped worrying about the scale and focused on pictures and how my body was defining, it was wonderful! I’m happier with the way I look and feel! I don’t over eat, I know my limits now of what I can and can’t eat. I don’t yo yo, my physique is staying the same, just getting leaner. I meal prep, because that is the #1 key.

With Copper State FIT, I made it through several holidays, Covid 19 quarantine (which the stress of being home, and not working), multiple deaths, a derecho (storm that tore apart my city), buying a new house during the derecho. In the past, with all of these things I would have thrown in the towel and given up by eating and drinking my feelings.

I actually grew from these experiences and worked my booty off in the gym to make the stress go away. I am more defined than I’ve been in my entire life and feel the best EVER!!! Also a big win for me is sharing my journey. People watch, they ask questions, they want to know about my success. I love motivating and helping people reach their goals too!!!

Had I not decided to hire CSF,  I would be miserable and I wouldn’t have coped with 2020 the way that I have. I would have probably gained 30 lbs during the quarantine, instead of using it as motivation. I would be unhappy and crabby, I wouldn’t have learned the right foods to eat for my body or how to help others along the way.

Working with CSF was THE BEST DECISION I’ve ever made in my entire life!!! It makes me want to cry thinking about it! There were so many times I would hear Coach Dana in my head, and change what I was about to do. To me that right there is a win!! I can’t thank CSF enough for literally changing my life!!!!!!!!










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