After turning 30 my weight start slowly going up.  I didn’t notice it right away, but believe me it was happening.  My husband and I made a decision; it was time for a lifestyle change.  So, we signed up at a local gym (Studio Fit/ Now Fit Society) and signed up for the Pat Tillman 5K.

I had never ran that far in my life nor had my butt kicked in the gym like I was daily at Studio Fit.  I became obsessed.  I also hadn’t noticed how bad I felt until I started feeling better.  So the exercise plan was in motion, I was making progress but my diet was still not in check.

I tried everything from Low Carb, Low Carb/High Fat, lose weight quick plans and super strict plans with no room for slip ups.  Every week, I meal prepped and was really focused on things until Friday evening. Then, I would quickly derail all the effort and progress I made earlier in the week.  My weight was a roller coaster of up and down.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to Copper State Fit that my journey took and major turn for the better.

Flexibility and accountability were what I had been missing.  The results and changes to my mindset and body were amazing!  My performance at the gym was also improving.  Hitting PR’s and my endurance was up as well.  During my transformation I decided it was time to make a career change.  I had found this new passion for health and fitness. I had an intense desire to share and help others on their journey to a healthier version of themselves.  So that brings me to the here and now.

  • NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach
  • NASM Personal Training Student
  • CrossFit L1 Trainer