Physique Development Training Vol. 1.0


PDT v1.0 Overview:

  • 12 week workout program
  • 3 Phases (Shape, Sculpt, Strength)
  • 4 workouts per week
    • Legs/ Glutes/ Core
    • Chest/ Biceps
    • Back/ Triceps
    • Shoulders/ Core
  • 3 HIIT cardio variations (ATP, Glycolytic, Oxidative)
  • Includes tracking sheets for each workout to compare week to week
  • Suggested equipment can be found in most commercial gyms
  • Full program details in description below

*This is an eBook (PDF) for download upon purchase, not a hardcopy. You will receive a women’s OR a men’s cover art for download based upon your selection. They are not different programs. 

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CSF “Physique Development Training” (PDT):

The Copper State FIT “Physique Development Training” program (Volume 1) is 12 weeks long followed by one full week of rest/ recovery. During the recovery week, you may do some light cardio, walks or hikes. But, you should NOT do any weight training or intense exercise. Recovery is part of the process.

The 12 weeks are divided up into 3 parts, each 4 weeks in length 1) SHAPE, 2) SCULPT and 3) STRENGTH.

  1. In the SHAPE series, you will perform exercises using higher repetitions to condition your muscles, joints and connective tissue.
  2. The SCULPT series is programmed with slightly heavier weights and lower repetitions with the goal of sculpting your muscles.
  3. The final series STRENGTH is designed to do what is says, build strength with heavier weights and lower repetitions. After the 12th week, you will take a recovery week and then begin a newly designed program.

The “Physique Development” program is designed to be done 4x per week. And, for additional conditioning/ fat loss, you should conclude each session with cardio (HIIT or MISS). Total working time with weights and cardio should be 60-90 minutes or less. If it takes longer, get your butt in gear.

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