The 7 Pillars of Nutrition eBook


This book contains two decades worth of experience through coaching thousands of clients all packaged in one place.

  • Determine where you should begin your nutrition journey: Level 1, 2 or 3
  • Learn the 10 habits you should master before tracking calories and macros
  • Dive deep into Copper State FIT’s 7 Pillars of Nutrition (including how to calculate your calories and macros)
  • Explore Optimal Nutrient Timing various methods of Calorie/ Carb Cycling (CCC)
  • Identify the right nutritional supplements for optimal health and which ones will maximize your results
  • Includes MyFitnessPal Tutorial, Tracking Recipes & Large Batches Tutorial, Guide to Eating Out & Traveling
  • Contains one full chapter dedicated to troubleshooting stalls in your progress and breaking plateaus
  • Understand why many still choose to hire a coach even after reading this book
  • And, of course MUCH more…

This is an eBook (PDF) for download upon purchase, not a hardcopy

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